Guesting on the Wait Long by the River Podcast

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The Stars, The Stars – it’s done

Mount Stromlo

Finally cut this down, with lots of helpful feedback from my peeps. Thanks guys.

The Stars, The Stars

In the summer of 2003 bush fires swept through Canberra. They devastated homes, communities and gutted the Mount Stromlo Observatory. Ten years later, the building which housed the powerful telescope is a concrete shell on a mountain.

The Shanghai Biennale Fiasco

Maya Dance Theatre (Singapore)

So, Sarah Kaur was in Shanghai. For I, along with Swiss artist Auréle Ferrier, were invited to present a project in Chinese media artist Hu Jieming’s space in the Shanghai Bienale. This project never saw the light of day, or even the infra-red light that was the feature of Hu Jieming’s modified shipping container – making it into a ‘black box’ exhibition space.