Video Trailer for Hourglass

Maya Dance Theatre (Singapore)

“Saturday night, out in Bendigo, I was a bit shocked for a couple of reasons..

1) I saw Hourglass, one of the best live shows EVER, and,

2) Only a handful of people were there.”- Megan Spencer

“The tonal range of a whirly is limited but it was intriguing to see how the sounds were created. The computer manipulation was subtle and lingered after the instrument stopped. Kaur’s multi-projection of watery ripples was our first introduction to the black chiffon screen in this short, atmospheric mood piece.” – RealTime, Jacques Sodell

Here’s some documentation from MUAC in Mexico. Also, Nicole Canham, AD won an Art Music Award for Best performer with Hourglass so I reckon we should show her off again : )


Manila Road Movie

Maya Dance Theatre (Singapore)

A rowdy collection of Australian artists made our way to Quezon City, Manila in September on our own shoestring budgets to take part in a show, Love Not Yet a Musical! by the Sipat Lawin Ensemble. (That’s a whole other thing, and wow was it a thing!) While there, I did another iteration of my truck series: this time the Manila Road Movie. In a small truck, transformed into a mobile camera obscura, we set off to explore the streets of Quezon City.

By Jess BellamyPhoto by Jess Bellamy

The Shanghai Biennale Fiasco

Maya Dance Theatre (Singapore)

So, Sarah Kaur was in Shanghai. For I, along with Swiss artist Auréle Ferrier, were invited to present a project in Chinese media artist Hu Jieming’s space in the Shanghai Bienale. This project never saw the light of day, or even the infra-red light that was the feature of Hu Jieming’s modified shipping container – making it into a ‘black box’ exhibition space.

Alaudia – how can contemporary video represent 100 years since WW1?

Alaudia (UK Collaborative)

This year I started a project with amazing collaborators – some old and some new: Nicole CanhamMonty AdkinsJulio d’Escrivan and  Carlos Charles Lopez.  Our project explores a subject matter I have ever dealt with before, but somehow from a weeks of brainstorming it came: what can a contemporary multimedia performance reflect on the 100 years since WW1?