A point and a plane

Road Movies

pinhole camera headpiece

“… between these two locations (a point and a plane) is an indeterminate extensive space in which an observer is ambiguously situated.” 


Guesting on the Wait Long by the River Podcast

THIS IS STOLEN FROM THE waitlongbytheriver.com site – thanks James Fahy. I couldn’t work out how to re-blog, so i just copied it. x



The Stars, The Stars – it’s done

Mount Stromlo

Finally cut this down, with lots of helpful feedback from my peeps. Thanks guys.

The Stars, The Stars

In the summer of 2003 bush fires swept through Canberra. They devastated homes, communities and gutted the Mount Stromlo Observatory. Ten years later, the building which housed the powerful telescope is a concrete shell on a mountain.

MEETING MINUTES – this is where our heads are at

Maya Dance Theatre (Singapore)

Since settling in Melbourne, we’ve formed Collapse Collective – Girls Do Art Good. Here’s a sample of what happens at meetings.


Sarah’s Ten Minutes of Meeting Minutes:



I saw a play that I didn’ t write a review of, but during the last election, I had a

fight with Craig, he said I’m a journalist now, I was like, shut up Craig, the herald

sun has shaped political discourse in a really negative way, there was a photo


Mount Stromlo

2013 was the ten-year anniversary of the fires in Canberra. There were devastating effects throughout the environment and community, and to the ANU’s Observatory site on Mount Stromlo. This video is a collaboration between Adelina Larsson and Reuben Ingall, with still photography (and support, love and 4am Milo) by Lorna Sim.


Iceland Windows (take 2)

iceland views


Revisited the Iceland windows… more on the way. Is the cat twee?


It’s been so long since I did anything photographic… took a little wander today to the bay where some ships were strung, and got distracted by trying to look into people’s windows. It’s as close as I can get to a domestic Icelandic setting and it’s always fascinating looking in. 

Responses to the Manila Road Movie

We were never here

So a couple people have been kind enough to write responses to the experience in the Philippines. Let’s start with writer and artist Emily Valentine Stewart who published “Manila Pt 2” on her blog:

Manila pt. 2

by emily stewart

The truck moves slowly down the backstreets, the noises of the city drifting in muffled and distorted. There’s ten of us inside, huddled tight: our legs bent into awkward Vs. We blink and look around, but there’s nothing to see, nothing but black. Sweat drips from my knees.