The Stars, The Stars – it’s done

Mount Stromlo

Finally cut this down, with lots of helpful feedback from my peeps. Thanks guys.

The Stars, The Stars

In the summer of 2003 bush fires swept through Canberra. They devastated homes, communities and gutted the Mount Stromlo Observatory. Ten years later, the building which housed the powerful telescope is a concrete shell on a mountain.

A dancer moves in the dark anonymous space, looking up at the stars, sketched out against the infinite scatter of the night sky. She dances through the night, exploring and stretching her body through space and time.

Technology is utilised to extend human perception, and to record human activity and to grow our communal knowledge.

The Stars, The Stars pushed the camera sensor to the limit of its hi-fidelity recording. The power embodied in this one device is a small iteration of the telescope’s once great observatory prowess.

The site is reduced to an empty husk. The instrument is reduced to a stump of iron, burnt so that no more new knowledge collection is possible. The dancer a simile for the communities in Canberra dealing with their state of emergency during the fires, and the confusion, tension and loss they accompanied the aftermath of the fires.

The breaking dawn does away with the concealing shadows, fully exposing the extent of the damage and the fragility of the site.

Now some festival applications… wish us luck. x




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