Guesting on the Wait Long by the River Podcast

THIS IS STOLEN FROM THE site – thanks James Fahy. I couldn’t work out how to re-blog, so i just copied it. x



Wait Long By The River dreams big. It doesn’t want to be ‘just’ a music podcast. For every live recording of the podcast with a musical talent, we’re going to record one at our Gold St studio with someone equally talented in another art form. Who better to start off with than Sarah Tamara Kaur? Her work explores dance with film, weaves projection into choreography, reimagines photography, and gets into the head of absence by creating things. Sounds mysterious, right? That’s why we had to talk to her.

On top of all this hard creative cogitation, Kaur is a festival producer, including as part of the Canberran phenomenon, the You Are Here festival. She’s toured with her art to four continents, and once spent 45 minutes crowded into the back of a light-proofed moving van as it drove through the unsuspecting suburbs, all in the name of art. In this episode we cover a lot of ground, so there are some links at the bottom to help you keep track of it all. Download the show, sit back and enjoy… and feel free to tweet your thoughts to @longbytheriver as you go.

If you want more Kaur (once you’ve heard the podcast you’ll realise that that rhymes) check out her page and You Are Here. Hey like us on Facebook as well, won’t you? Continue to stimulate your brain thusly: The Taragato – the Hungarian Clarinet Far out did we miss the Next Wave festival? See if you can catch Wolf Creek: The Musical Check out why we idolise Lorde briefly, and then watch her front Nirvana Be amazed by James Turrell’s giant extinct volcano art-space Speaking of beautiful art, check out Mira Melaluca Check out Hourglass, Sarah’s work with Nicole Canham Oh, and here’s how creepy contouring makeup is.


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