MEETING MINUTES – this is where our heads are at

Maya Dance Theatre (Singapore)

Since settling in Melbourne, we’ve formed Collapse Collective – Girls Do Art Good. Here’s a sample of what happens at meetings.


Sarah’s Ten Minutes of Meeting Minutes:



I saw a play that I didn’ t write a review of, but during the last election, I had a

fight with Craig, he said I’m a journalist now, I was like, shut up Craig, the herald

sun has shaped political discourse in a really negative way, there was a photo

that they photoshopped and they go into trouble, and getting all the front pages

from the really really really like, the media has never taken an angle on political

parties, the Murdoch press – what murder press? (Sarah) – like “let’s kick this

mob out” – this is not so much of a mapping thing. I want to sew it and make a

ball gown. But why a ball gown you know? Those things with the ships in the

mari Antoinette wigs? I want to wear that as the whole boat people thing.

I want to make a permanent record of this, there was a lot of rhetoric at the time,

this election was pretty rigged, I mean, that’s to loaded, but it was pretty rig. How

did we get to a pint when that was ok, and then everyone forgot about it. I ironed

together a ball gown out of melted plastic bags. I was on the front page.



We need to turn this into some kind of opera.

I really haven’t done a hall of a lot besides researching voice recorders over the

last week two weeks. However long. So. And thinking about things. In fact I don’t

think I have anything to report. When I think about it.


Is that fireworks? Sounds like it.


And you shock yourself and it’s supposed to make you more creative. You can

buy the kit and administer it yourself. There’s a movie. Theres a movie! Whats

the movie. Garden state.


Whats’ the famous experiment. It’s about the way. It’s about authority. Its ok. You

can turn it up to ten. They’re not in any pain.


Turn it up to ten should be the name of your project Sarah says and Sarah types.



Squawk squark.



Emma’s Ten Minutes of the Same Meeting Minutes:


Disjointed sentences. Parataxis is your friend. Field notes. Filter things back out. I love this object. What, the laptop? No, here, the photo. I want to sew something. A garment. A garment from the pieces. The pieces made of paper. The Murdoch Press. The Murder Press? The Murdoch Press, but we can call them that. Sofia Coppola Marie Antoinette we are all boat people extravagance. Mother fucker fast talker what happened to our balanced press? Fuck off. Permanent record, rhetoric at the time, mmm. When did we get to a point where making a ballgown that’s kind of the whole point do you know Jenny?

I’m not as fast I really haven’t done a hell of a lot I’m thinking about things is that fireworks keep talking I don’t really think I have anything I just need to what I’m trying to get out of the mapping at the same time make people sort of make things oh how does your brain work? With Natalie Portman and the guy Zac Efron no the guy from Scrubs she has to wear a little foam helmet because she falls down the famous experiment it’s about authority the pain turn it up to ten it’s like shzzzz. You know and this chicken died S-K-U-A-K how cute is that?





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