Mount Stromlo

2013 was the ten-year anniversary of the fires in Canberra. There were devastating effects throughout the environment and community, and to the ANU’s Observatory site on Mount Stromlo. This video is a collaboration between Adelina Larsson and Reuben Ingall, with still photography (and support, love and 4am Milo) by Lorna Sim.


From blackness a sole female figure gazes into the sky. She starts to move, we hear her feet sweep the concrete. The sound manipulated to form a soundscape that is of human movement but through technology is magnified, distorted and shaped into a cinematic score.  As the sun rises, we see her in a burnt-out shell of bricks, contained within ruins of a dome sheltering a once-powerful telescope, now a melted plastic idol of knowledge lost. The dancer reacts to the space and the fire that swept through it while the video contrasts our ability to push our sense-perception through digital technology, or where digital technology records a corrupted, noisy version of what our eyes see.

You guys I feel like this is very loooonnng and doesn’t sustain 10 mins worth of attentive viewing. Gonna try and come up with a 7 min edit soon. Happy to take feedback – in fact, would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks to ArtsACT for 2013 Project Support.


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